Monday, March 22, 2010

A little bit of Inlay

Check out these little pictures! Starting from the left:

1. The original warp design with green stripes at the sides.

I tried to weave with this and discovered that the bumps in the green yarn made weaving impossible. My husband asked, "Didn't you notice that when you were warping?" To which I answered (with a sheepish grin), "Well, I noticed it was challenging to get through the heddle, but I didn't know that it would be impossible to weave! :)"

2. The mess. After having problems with green stripe #1, I tried replacing the bumpy green with a smooth green yarn. It made an awful mess. I wasn't careful as I unwound the warp and ended up having to cut of the green stripes and the extra yellow.

3. The yellow warp. Whew! The green weft was just a thick yarn that I used to get things started.

4. The finished flower. Look, Ma! A Flower! It wasn't terribly hard to do... it required a bit of focus, but otherwise it was ok! The background is all plainweave. To make the inlay patterning, throw a pick of plain weave, pickup the threads where you want the inlay color and pass the inlay yarn into this shed. Change sheds, throw a pick of plain weave, and do the next bit of inlay.

PS. Check out what is sitting by my sewing machine! It's my grey dots fabric--it's off the loom!

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Delighted Hands said...

I admire the perserverance some projects require! Love the new weaving-nice work!