Monday, January 11, 2010


My striped fabric has turned into a vest! I'm really excited about this, even though it still needs buttons!

Most of my original plans got de-railed when I discovered the fabric was narrower than my pattern. Dooh! In some ways, that's the way it goes when you use rough calculations to plan your fabric! I will have to try the pattern from One Skein another time!

The pattern I ended up using is a modified commercial vest pattern. I'd quote you pattern and number, but really any commercial vest pattern can be used! It is two front pieces and a single back piece. The back piece is solid tan (no stripes) and the front has the stripes that I wanted.

Now, to figure out what sort of closure/buttons/clasps to use!


Mrs. McGregor said...

I suggest antler buttons (thinly sliced (with a saw) from the racks of caribou, deer, sheep, elk or even moose). Each button is slightly different from the next.

Hope all is well,
Elisabeth (Bailey) Jensen

Jessica said...

Believe it or not, I checked into that! Unfortunately, I want to wear the finished vest I went to my local Vacuum Supply/Sewing Shop and broke down and bought some buttons. I need to get them on the vest tonight!


Delighted Hands said...

Using my woven fabric in wearables is also a goal of mine for this year. The vest is very pretty. Post again when you get the buttons on so we can see what you decided on!