Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Knitting Content

I've been knitting more mittens. This pair is for my oldest. Her hands are as wide as mine, but her fingers are still short. It was amazing to make almost-full-sized mittens for seems that it was just a few days ago that I was making little things for her!

The yarn is all handspun. The purple may be Cotswold wool;I think the green is Romney. The green was left over from the last pair of mittens I made and it just looked really nice with the purple.

These were knit with 2 strands together, at 4 sts/inch on US5 or 6 dpn's.

Just for kicks and giggles, here's a peak in my knitting box. My favorite dpn's are there on top. They are a purple, plastic needle made by Lion Brand (I think). They are size us5 or6 and I use them often for my worsted weight projects.

I recently added the orange handled scissors (I got tired of walking to the loom to borrow the pair that hangs there!). And the short tape measure --it's only about 25" long--is really nice. I also have a box of smaller dpn's in there for when I am making socks with fine yarn.

Let's see...also in the box are all sorts of left over yarns: from the upper right corner, light blue handspun wool--my socks; marron/pink handspun..the last of some fiber my mom gave me early in my spinning career; under the handle of the scissors is a swatch from the latest mittens;the purple handspun the the bottom left corner is from this last pair of mittens; the coiled piece in the upper left is a hat band with a cable up the middle. It's knit in the maroon/pink from the opposite corner. It's really pretty...but I don't have enough yarn left to make it into a hat, and it's too loose to wear as a head band, so it just lives here in my knitting box until I come up with something better for it!

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Jess said...

Hi, Jessica. This is Jess from Lion Brand Yarn. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about our DPNs. Happy knitting!