Monday, August 31, 2009


Last Saturday, when I found two more boxes of craft things from my grandmother hidden in my son's closet, I was not a happy camper. I thought I had moved all those boxes to my craft room. I thought I was starting to get a handle on things...

Two more boxes. Sigh.

I was a good girl. I took my two boxes out of my son's closet and took them to my craft room. I even opened the boxes and started going through the contents and putting the items where they will get used.

Some things went to my nine-year-old who enjoys sewing. She was thrilled to have her own tape measure (vinyl), measuring tape (metal), and hem marker (is that what the 6" rulers with a little slide are called?).

Some things I just looked at and could not fathom the bounty--Check out my current assortment of sewing needles. Can you imagine life with so many sewing needles? No more looking for the one or two needles in my pin cushion. No more counting needles as I prepare to come home from church activities with the girls to make sure I haven't left behind any of my precious yarn needles. --I remember reading stories of life in England during and just after WWII. A sewing needle was a precious thing--you could do so much, if only you had a needle.

And here I am with a treasure trove of sewing needles!

What am I to do with them all?!

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