Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've Been a Little Busy

I was given the opportunity to weave a scarf on an 8 shaft Baby Wolf loom at Tabby Tree Weavers in Arcadia, Indiana.

What an opportunity!

My warp yarn (previously purchased from the shop and hand dyed by me) was wound, my pencil cases with scissors, and pins, and clamps, etc. were packed! I started warping the loom just after 10am (after a 1.5 hour drive!). The loom was warped and ready to weave just after lunch. Good conversation slowed the process, but it was so good to talk with another weaver!

There was one challenge with the warp color changes--a color change occurred in the middle of one of the twill blocks and it was very abrupt. It only took me two moments of staring at it before I took a deep breath, untied the warp from the front beam and set about to fix it!

I am pleased with the end result--the scarf is 100% merino wool and soft and cuddly! The yarn (warp and weft) is "pony" 100% extrafine merino wool --I think it's by Henry's Attic. And, I am pleased with the experience weaving with the Baby Wolf.

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