Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Winter Workshop

Here are some photos from our recent Wabash Weaver's Summer/Winter Workshop with Linda Adamson. The first is "bricks" woven with a variegated 5/2 cotton. I'm not sure I like the combination of the changing color on the "color" yarn....It looks too much like an old bit-dot printer running low on ink! I think I need to pull my sampler off the loom and stare at it for a bit before deciding what I want to make!

Before the actual workshop got started, Joan and I were discussing warping techniques. She is getting ready to put on some long warps and is toying with various ways of putting it on her loom. (This is also one of the few photos that Ron took where I am not looking at my weaving with a grim face! I guess I'm not very smiley when I'm trying to keep track of my place in a new technique!)

And this is one of the most interesting photos that Ron posted (He put together a gallery of all the photos he took that day: Ron Baker's Gallery). These are Dorothy's hands. I haven't the slightest idea of what she is describing...But hands are amazing and I can imagine Dorothy's voice in my head as I look at this picture.

Thanks, Ron, for serving as photographer! You do amazing work!


Peg in South Carolina said...

I loved the gallery. Made me homesick for my former guild in Atlanta and all the wonderful workshops I went to there.

Martin and Jessica said...

I know the feeling...Hope you find a new guild soon!