Friday, January 26, 2007

Amid the Mess

While our kitchen has been under construction I've been working on smaller projects. This one is mostly a thought process. I am collecting yarn to see if I can weave a color gamp. Somehow or other I am frightened by color in the warp. It's scary. It's strange. It's new. Ahh. New things can be scary and strange. So, it's time to go with gusto and see if I can't make color less scary! I have two yarns I like...but the rest are blocked by my loom! Maybe in another week or two I'll have yarns not only picked out, but on the loom!

Another thought project in the brain is how to use pieces of rag as a warp. Any thoughts out there? I'm thinking of making curtains with a vertical stripe of blue jeans. The only way to get the curtain long enough (60+ inches) without piecing is to put the color in the warp. Can I put the rag in the warp--I'm thinking of laying it in as a second thread, much like gold or silver threads are used with another warp thread? Hmm. Food for thought.

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