Monday, March 03, 2014

My turn! Fixing Errors with a Warp on the Loom

See my lovely pile of extra heddles?  I took them off my Mighty Wolf recently.  I've read about how challenging it is to have to remove heddles with a warp on the loom and tried really hard to avoid this!  Unfortunately, the way I eye-balled the warp didn't work.

This warp is 32" wide on a loom with a 36" wide weaving width.  As I threaded, I tucked extra heddles throughout the warp, hoping to avoid having to remove heddles. By the time I was tying on to the breast beam, it was obvious that I'd need to do something more.  The warp threads at the left edge of the loom were being pushed in by the extra heddles at the side of the shafts.  Time to remove heddles!

Before removing the heddles I threaded the top, the eye, and the bottom  of each group with a piece of cotton thread and tied them securely.  This should make it easy to put the heddles back on the loom later.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Now to go put the heddles away in my collection of weaving tools so I can find them when I want them back on the loom!

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EGunn said...

I have wondered how hard it will be to add/remove heddles on my new loom when there's a warp threaded. The table loom is easy, but the bigger one looks like it might be a bit more involved. A little extra thread seems like a good lifeline!