Saturday, November 03, 2012

More Needle Felting

 It all started when I hung up my collection of needle felted ornaments and my oldest daughter said, "They are so cute!".  I suggested that she could make some...  So she found a cat image online and printed it out and needle felted it.  It only took an hour and a half start to finish!  Isn't it cute!

While the cat was being made my youngest (who is almost seven) requested a Dalmatian puppy for her baby doll.  I had her fish out our copy of 102 Dalmatians and set to work.  By the time the cat was finished, a little puppy had appeared on the scene!  The baby doll (and daughter) were pleased!

 We had a beautiful morning with sun on the cornfield recently.  The photo doesn't do the real colors justice, but I took it as a reminder of the different colors of brown turning to gold and then blending with the colors in the sky.  It was really pretty!

And, a friend purchased a bunch of sweaters, yarn, and unfinished sweaters from a yard sale that a friend of hers was having.  I went shopping at my friend's and came home with a big bag of yarns and two unfinished sweaters to unravel.  This one is a mercerized cotton in a cabled yarn.  I'm hopping to weave this into simple cloth (probably plain weave) just to see how the cabled yarn looks.

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EGunn said...

The needle felted creatures are very cute! I think the snowman is my favorite, though. =)