Friday, October 12, 2012

Handwoven 2012 Garment Challenge Prize

 Look what arrived on my doorstep today!  Merino roving, fingering weight wool, a wool/bison, and a wool/alpaca yarn.  Wow!

The box was a prize that I won from the 2012 Handwoven Garment Challenge.  I wove the fabric and my husband sewed a vest that won the "tailored garment" category.  And winning came with a prize thanks to Mountain Meadow Wool.

And the yarns and fibers are gorgeous!  The yarns have all been taken out of their bags and petted.  The merino roving has been squished and a tiny bit spun.  Now I have to figure out what to make with all this wonderful fiber goodness!

And, just because I didn't post many photos of this along the way, here's the official print from Handwoven magazine (Sept/Oct 2012).  That's the vest in the center.

Thank you to Handwoven Magazine for hosting the contest and for all their help getting things ready for print.  And thank you to Mountain Meadow Wool for contributing such luscious yarns for a prize!

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EGunn said...

That is quite a prize! Congratulations on both the vest (looks wonderful), and the spoils. =)