Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tree Removal Process

We are preparing for some work to be done on our house. The first step in the processes was the removal of two large maple trees--one on each side of the back yard.  I must have spent three or four hours outside watching and photographing the work.  Like so many forms of skilled labor, the tree removal was an art form.  From the man up in the air cutting the limbs, holding them so they would fall close to the trees, to the coordinated effort of the four-man ground crew protecting windows, removing limbs, and keeping the workspace clean.  It was amazing.

Here is the process in a nutshell:

The cherry picker squeezed in between the house and the tree that needed to come down.

After two hours, the foliage was gone and the trunk was all that was standing.
The stump grinder came a few days later.

And now, we are in the middle of cutting the wood, splitting it and stacking it for winter. 


EGunn said...

That really is amazing. We have a friend who's been cutting down trees in his yard. I can never believe that such a huge tree becomes such a (relatively) small pile of branches so quickly. Wood for winter is a nice bonus!

Tree Surgeon said...

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Tree Pruning Brooklyn said...

Awesome snap shots you got in there too! Great guide for rookies.

-Carlos Hernandez