Thursday, April 05, 2012

Crackle Shawl

After I wove the black on black fabric for Martin's vest, I wove off this piece.  It's a black wool warp with a cream, thick & thin cotton/rayon (?) yarn for the pattern weft and the black warp yarn for the tabby weft.  It's a crackle pattern from Strickler's book (#494).  Sett was 28 epi and the finished piece is ~18" wide.

Things I like about the shawl:  the look.  I love the black/cream color combination.  It has the illusion of old lace.    The fringe.  I'm a sucker for twisted fringe.  I know it takes forever to twist, and yes, I twisted this all by hand, but I love the way it drapes at the ends of the shawl.

Things I don't like so much:  the wool.  Ack!  This is an unlabeled, hand-me-down wool and it isn't very soft.  I didn't get any scratches from my photo shoot, but it would be more comfortable over long sleeves.  And if you are already wearing long sleeves, do you really need a shawl?  The drape.  The drape is better than cardboard, but not as flowing as I prefer.  What's the best way to improve the drape in crackle?  Widen the sett?

And now, I have an empty loom.  I have a few projects percolating and hope to test some soon!

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