Monday, November 07, 2011

Conner Prairie Textile Studio

Glimakra loom at Conner Prairie
 I have been doing some new things lately.  I started volunteering at the Conner Prairie Textile Studio.  This isn't one of the areas open to the public, but rather a building tucked off to one side of the property and filled to the gills with looms, spinning wheels, quilting frames, etc.

I just finished weaving some linen yardage, intended for towels, on a Glimakra loom.  Compared to my Baby Wolf this loom is huge!  It has been a treat to learn to weave on it, though!

The toweling is in 20/2 linen and is a 2-2 twill/basket weave pattern.
Linen toweling --2/2 twill & basket weave

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