Sunday, October 09, 2011

Applesauce Spoons

It's applesauce season at my house.  Each year we make as much applesauce as we can.  We love to eat the stuff!

The last few years as we have stirred the gloriously hot, sweet applesauce we have burned our fingers.  We have learned to use the glass lids to our big pots as face shields so the applesauce volcanoes don't get us, but with our little spoons we have not been able to protect our fingers.

New spoons and old spoons together.
Check out our new applesauce spoons!  These new spoons are bamboo, just like the other spoons we like, but are at least 8" longer.  They work wonderfully!  Lots of leverage for stirring the full apple pots plus lots of extra,outside-of-the-pot space to hold the spoon.

Hooray for wonderful utensils! (And for a wonderful Ace Hardware store that stocks "oddities" like these!)

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