Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creativity Exercise

Robin at Rurification posted a creativity exercise. Find 10 beautiful things in your home. Photograph them or describe them.

Here's a mosaic of my ten things for tonight:
A photo of my grandparents in their old age. A peach from my friend's tree.

Grainlines on the faux floor. Oregano blooms salvaged from today's trimming by my five year old.

A print of a woman sheaving (?) grain in a field. A toy dino--check out the details!

Paintbrushes--indicators of a job now done. Etched glass.

A tiny turtle that used to sit in my great aunt's office. Now it cuddles up with one of my plants. Some clay creations from my son.

Sometimes the trick of looking for beauty is seeing what is already here. Thanks Robin!

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Robin said...

Great post! Thanks for participating!