Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silk Spinning

It all started with a trip to visit family in Bloomington. Of course, it's not wise to go on a trip without checking to see if there will be fiber shops in the vicinity! Yarns Unlimited had fibers dyed by Robin Edmundson in both silk and cotton. This is the silk roving I purchased. The colors are brilliant. The fiber was so soft.

The colors spun up beautifully! I don't usually spin silk--cotton & Romney wool are my staples--but it was easy to adjust to my spinning to work with the silk. When I first learned to spin, tussah silk was recommended as having more tooth than other silks and being easier to spin. I didn't notice this silk as being particularly slippery. I don't know what variety of silk it is, but it was great to spin!

Here's the final three-ply yarn. I used the "Navajo"/chain plying method to keep the colors as distinct as possible.

Now the hard part: how am I going to use this pretty yarn?

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