Saturday, April 09, 2011

When the student is ready...

My children aren't much interested in my fiber pursuits. It's just one of those things that "mom does". So this week when we stopped in at a friends' weaving classroom, I was not at all surprised that my two youngest asked to go play outside the room.

The oldest (10) chose to hang out with me and my friend. She is growing was fun to see her hanging out with the grownups!

And, as a result of the conversation of the grownups, my ten year old chose to weave a placemat! I was thrilled!

She helped me warp the Emilia rigid heddle loom ("This takes a long time, Mom"); she helped tear the fabric into strips; and she wove the entire placemat ("My arms are tired."). Afterwards, she helped me wet finish the piece and sew the headers.

And, you should have seen my friend's face when she received the placemat! It was a sweet moment.

[And the rest of the quote from the title..."When the student is ready, a teacher will appear."]

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