Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilting Frame to Warping Reel

**This post is very late. The work shown here was done in 2008. I went searching for a post about it, and discovered I never wrote one. Dooh!**

Years ago, my mom gave me an old quilting stand with a hoop.

I do quilt, and, until recently, only did handquilting. However, I have never used this hoop and stand for quilting.

Rather, I turned the stand into a home made warping reel!

The ends of the reel are plywood triangles with their corners cut off and notched to hold a slender piece of wood (~1" x 3/8"). A steel rod goes through the center of each plywood triangle and rests on the notches in the stand that originally held the support bolts for the hoop.

Three dowels stick out on the right to make a warping cross. They are in a piece of 2x2 that has been grooved to rest on the plywood. On the left, there are holes drilled in the 1x3/8 boards for dowels for the end of the warp.

The strings around the reel in the photo are two separate warp measuring strings. I use the light colored one for warps 4 yds or less; the blue for longer warps. I think I can wind up to a 7 yd warp on this reel (it has been a while since I have wound a warp that long...I tend to do short warps).

The reel was constructed in October or November of 2008. It has seen almost all my warps since it was made. It works great for me!

A word of thanks--my husband is the woodworker at our house. I drew up the plans and he made them a reality. Many thanks for this and other projects!

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