Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I did a bit of quilting. The frog is from one of my daughter's favorite t-shirts and is set in remnants from my first quilting project. The ducky flannel back was my daughter's choice. The blanket is small--just right for her newest babydoll.

This was my first attempt at shoemaking. I've borrowed a copy of "Crafting Handmade Shoes" by Sharon Raymond and am hoping to make some shoes for me and my family. This pair of doll shoes (in felt) was a start. I've been given some leather and leather working tools to help me in this project. I'm a bit clueless, but I'm getting started!

This collection of fabric is the start of a three year quilting project. The fabric will get turned into three stacks of 9" quilt blocks this year, and then over the next few years (maybe it will take four or five years!) get turned into Christmas quilts for my children. In 2004 (I checked the date!) I participated in a Quilt Block of the Month Club organized by The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, Michigan. For $5, I bought my first pattern and fabric and for the next 11 months, returned to the store with my finished block and punch card to get my next pattern and fabric free. The blocks eventually got put together and quilted and have become our Christmas Quilt. Every year it gets pulled out and snuggled under for the entire month of December. We love it!

The challenge is that my children have grown. The two I had back when I made the quilt have grown considerably, and the one that arrived after the quilt was made has gotten bigger too! I have decided that they each need their own quilt. Wish me luck!

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