Sunday, September 19, 2010

FabFour with Robyn Spady

Robyn Spady was in Indiana this weekend giving lectures at two weaving guilds and teaching her "Fab Four" workshop.

She was a good speaker and a great workshop instructor! I loved how organized and considerate she was and how excited she was to share her weaving tips with us!

The Fab Four workshop focuses on four shaft weave structures--twelve of them! We wove corduroy, diversified plain weave, ribs (in multiple directions), overshot patterned double weave...and lots more! By the end of the two day workshop, the samples you see in my photo were cut apart, inserted in our workshop notebooks!

I am excited to try some of these structures with my own yarns! :)


Alison said...

I am so excited to try some of these, too! I have some yarn that I want to use in diversified plain weave and in cannele. I'm also thinking of doing some smallish pieces of swivel with different colors and treadlings and framing them, like needlepoint. Then maybe some overshot patterned double weave trivets for gifts. Wait, when am I going to do all of this? :)

Benita said...

Was this the class at Tabby Tree? If so, a friend of mine was in there with one of my workshop looms, Peg Alexander. I can't wait to hear more about the results.

Jessica said...

Yep! (We were technically not in the shop, but nearby.) I met Peg and since the workshop was a round robin got to weave on your loom. It's nice! I think Peg is hooked on weaving! She had a sign up saying "loom wanted" or something like that! ;)