Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stadium Blanket

Here are some photos of the blanket in progress. The Huck Lace is showing nicely!

All four samples from this projects were sitting together tonight. I couldn't pass by the photo opportunity. Sampling is good. Sampling is my friend. ...I will probably sample again. :)


Caroline said...

OK, I *love* the way this blanket is turning out! I may have to borrow this idea some time in the future. What kind of yarn(s) are you using for this?

Jane said...

Very pretty! Looking as if it will turn out snuggly, yet not smothery.

It took me years before I became hooked on sampling. One of my mentors just nagged me into it, and now I love working up samples before tackling a final project.

Sample on!

Martin and Jessica said...

The yarns are both "old"--the blue is a Lion Brand Jiffy "mohair type" 100% acrylic and the grey is a wool/acrylic (20%/80%) blend by Darlaine.

I must admit that it was hard to tear the finished blanket off my shoulders and send it to my SIL!