Sunday, February 17, 2008

A few finished objects

My son turned 5 this week. Two of his gifts were "remade" favorite sweater cut down to a vest, his dad's old pants cut down to size...and while he opened them and just set them aside, the next day he asked to wear his new clothes! Hooray!

Remaking clothes has been one of my favorite types of sewing since my eldest was little. It's probably just as time consuming (if not more) than regular sewing, but it's so fun to see new life come to a old and well loved item. And I'm thrilled that my son liked the clothes too!

My other finished object is the purple hat to go with the zig-zag scarf. Is it perfect? Hmm. Nope. Am I going to redo it? Nope! It fits on my head, but isn't as long as I like a hat to be (too much ear poking out and getting cold!). Maybe it will be a new hat/scarf set for one of my little ones!

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