Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beginning, Middle, & End (in one post!)

My weaving guild (Wabash Weavers) is having a towel exchange on Friday. I got them on and off the loom this week --and they are marvelous! But it was an interesting challenge to limit my project to a manageable size.

The yarn is 10/2 cotton (unmercerized) in a white and a two-tone blue. Most of the threading is a point twill, with a section near each edge of straight twill threading. The threads are sett at 30 ends per inch, or three per dent in a 10 dent reed.

I had a hard time making decisions about these towels. The only thing I knew I wanted was "decent sized towels". I ran my calculations to give my 20"x 30" towels, and I was really pleased to see how close they ended up to those dimensions!

Towel #1 is plainweave with two colors to make a checkered pattern. The weft didn't pack as tightly as I expected, but it still looks nice. Towel #2 is waffle weave with a single color (white) weft. I loved running my fingers over the towel as I wove! I could feel where the waffle edges were going to be!

Here's a photo of the two towels. They have been wet finished and ironed (don't tell anyone that I ironed!). I had enough warp left to make two sample pieces--one in plain weave and one in waffle weave. The waffle weave piece is now a washcloth and the plain weave is an eyeglass case. :)

I love the feel of these fabrics! I can't wait to make more with the 10/2 cotton I have!

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