Monday, August 27, 2007

From the Same Cloth

I really wanted to title this post "Sisters" because these two bags are like sisters. They are made from the same fabric, but the personalities are significantly altered by the edge treatments.

Bag #1 seemed to take forever! The sides of the bag are knit together in a modified I-cord treatment. It was a bear to knit, but the edge seems to let the background color of the weaving continue into the edging. The top edge is a simple overcast stitch to keep the loose warp threads under control (there is a line of backstitching underneath it).

Bag #2 was a speed demon! Even with all that fringe, it was finished in one evening! The warp threads on the front edge were braided. Every few wraps of the braid, I would pick up a new bundle of warp threads and let an old set hang down for fringe. The sides of the bag are sewn, and a braided cord sewn on for trim and a handle.

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freshisle said...

Very pretty! I want a loom so badly - not need, want!