Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back to work

After what seems like a long break in posting, I'm back with more weaving. This piece is in 3/2 mercerized cotton. It's designed to be both a towel (two of them, actually) and a sample for the curtains I'd like to weave.

I like the way the big diamonds show up in the weave structure, but I'm not thrilled with the way the natural weft hides the blue in the weft. See the edge of plain weave on the edge of the front bar? I like that intensity of blue. ....

My husband just took a look at the project and commented that he likes...the reverse side! I had forgotten that this pattern reverses! The back side is the strong blue stripe with the natural weft making the diamond pattern. And that's exactly what I was hoping to see! Hooray! Hooray for extra eyes on my project as well!

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