Monday, October 16, 2006

A full bobbin

I got caught with a bad case of "Fiber Fever" a few years ago. It started with a baby sweater, progressed to spinning my own yarn, and has spread to the extent that my parents now have a small flock of sheep which provide much of my wool.

Fiber Fever is one of those "cool" illnesses. People stop by and chat (or stare) if I spin out of doors. They want to know how it works and if the spin stays in the wool. It looks deceptively easy to do--the foot just goes up and down on the pedal, the fingers just seem to effortlessly pull the wool apart for the spin to catch it. You should have seen my first yarn! Thick as my fingers, then thin, then thick again! I still have it. Believe me it's not pretty! But the spinning has become as effortless as it appears. I spun the bobbin of blue Romney in two evenings. It should be plenty for a pair of socks for a friend!

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